Hello world!

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The Warped Writer

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Hello world!

Hello dear readers! 🙂

Welcome to The Warped Writer. I have started this blog to get back to my roots as a writer. I started writing when I was thirteen years old. I wrote hundreds and hundreds of pages per year throughout my adolescence and twenties. I never showed my words to anyone. They were intimate, dark and personal poems, short stories or ramblings of a tortured soul and therefore were to remain undiscovered to the outside world. Writing was my secret way of coping with things I did not understand, a kind of catharsis, at times a sort of inner therapist, coming up with feelings I didn’t know I felt about a given situation. I would read my words back to myself and be shocked at what was written, as if I had been possessed, my pen just gliding against the page in a fury of inspiration, guided by anger, sadness, fear or another, as yet unnamed emotion.

Although I excelled in writing essays for school, the topics were usually fairly defined and didn’t necessarily showcase my dramatic abilities. It wasn’t until my CEGEP (college) held a literary contest for suicide prevention week (a subject near and dear to me) that I felt a true purpose and importance for writing. After procrastinating until 20 minutes before contest closing, I finally sat down and wrote everything I would have said to someone I loved very much, who died from suicide. The words flew out of my heart, onto the page, once blank, now filling up so much I had to write on the back side of it, as tears filled my eyes. I ran it to the infirmary, which was the department in charge of the contest and figured, “Oh well, at least I did it, for Suzanne, may she rest in peace.” I kind of put it out of my mind, until, one week later, I received a call from the school nurse. It was early morning and I was still groggy, so you can imagine my confusion as to why the school nurse would be calling me, when I had never gone to see her for any illness! She was calling to tell me I had won first prize in the literary contest for suicide prevention! I couldn’t believe it. I was so honoured, so happy that my little article had been powerful enough, meaningful enough to be worthy of such recognition! One of the judges even said she cried while reading it. I was very touched. The prize money, school picture and local newspaper reprint were very nice, but mostly, I felt proud that I had somehow paid tribute, in my own way, to the immeasurable suffering that befalls victims of mental illness, as well as the loved ones left behind. It was the first time I really felt that writing, indeed MY writing, could make a difference.

Well, I did eventually start writing for a magazine and I enjoyed it, briefly, because the magazine went belly-up and so did my short-lived career as a writer. I worked in bars for 13 years, became an English teacher, which I still am today and writing sort of fell on the back burner. Until now. So, my plans for this blog are to write about whatever is going on inside this crazy, warped, strange, imaginative brain of mine, at the time. Things I get mad about, things I like, ideas I have, questions I wonder about stories I would like to share, and everything in between. I plan for it to be an outlet to talk about things in our society, be it injustice, politics, laws, humanity, health, psychology and humour and a place for respectful dialogue and exchange. I hope to make you laugh, think, consider, cry, mobilise and stand for what you believe in. I hope to brighten, enlighten or somehow affect you, each time you read me. It will be nice to share some of the warped thoughts that go through this writer’s mind! 🙂